A Look Back at the first half of 2018


In January this year, the biggest story for Lang Toon times was the possibility of Parkdale closing.  The community came together and started a campaign to keep it open involving local councillors, MSPs and MPs.  Thankfully the facility was saved and still serves the community today.

January also saw the first of our articles on reducing plastic use.  Something that has reappeared throughout the year on a regular basis. 

February was when we learned that the school was to lose its very popular headmaster Stuart Clyde.  It was also the month of the PKC budget when we learned of the closure of the Auchterarder public toilets throughout the winter months.

The biggest story was the Beast from the East and the first ever Red Weather Warning.  Unfortunately, some employers didn’t take this seriously and many people were caught in treacherous conditions trying to get home through the worst of the weather.

March was when we learned officially that Parkdale was to remain open.  This was also when parents around the community realised that there was going to be a real shortage of childcare in the area in the near future.  The late bus from Perth to Auchterarder was withdrawn due to lack of passengers. 

April saw approval for a business park at the bottom of the town.  Black Road path got upgraded and a number of local residents took on the London Marathon. 

May was the month that the body of 22 year old Annalise Johnstone was found close to the Maggie Wall monument.  Her brother Jordan was charged with her murder later that month.

In June the Provost Walk was officially reopened after extensive upgrading with an appeal being launched for funds to enable the final stretch to be upgraded.  June also saw Blackford Gala Week celebrations.

Watch out later today for the second half of our 2018 round up.

Throughout the year there were also a fantastic amount of community events and local business successes.  We will be putting a slideshow together of some of the best photographs of the year in the next few days.


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