70 mph for Queensferry Crossing


From tomorrow the Queensferry Crossing will have a speed limit of 70 mph.

There will be a guide issued in the new year to clarify what vehicles can and cannot use both the Queensferry Crossing and the Forth Road Bridge.  This guide will give information for the variety of road users to be able to plan their Forth crossings.

The Queensferry crossing has already shown it’s resilience by remaining open to high sided vehicles during Storm Caroline.  Conditions which would have seen restrictions placed on the Forth Road Bridge. Thus saving drivers a long diversionary route affecting both drivers and local communities along this route.

Although designed as a replacement for the Forth Road Bridge, the Queensferry Crossing does not increase capacity.  It does however have the resilience to improve journey times and have less restrictions placed upon it due to weather conditions.

A consultation is currently underway regarding the designation of the Queensferry Crossing and its connecting roads as a motorway, as is normal in these circumstances. Once this process is complete in the new year, motorway regulations will come in to force.


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