5 Christmas Tips to help you get the most from the festive season.


As many of us settle in for the night this Christmas Eve we thought we would wish you all a Merry Christmas with some Christmas thoughts.

For anyone with kids, Norad Tracks Santa is a great Facebook page and website for the kids to show where Santa is at any given time this Christmas Eve night.  With games and entertainment, this may just give you a few minutes breathing space.

If you have elderly friends or relatives who do their shopping online, check if they have booked their next order.  The delivery slots have been booked up so far in advance of Christmas and pretty much no slots available until after New Year now.  If you know someone who uses online grocery delivery, make sure they have placed an order rather than wait until they can see a delivery slot available the next day.  This will help get them back on track once the New Year rush is over.

If you are having nibbles with Christmas Eve drinks, remember melba toast is a great addition for serving dips if you think you may run out of breadsticks/crisps.  Very much of the 70s era but easy to make and great for dips.

Surprise guests for Christmas Dinner?  Not sure you will have enough?  Try offering nibbles with drinks so people won’t be quite as hungry coming to the table.  Adding a starter can also help you out here.  If you are already having a starter, add another and offer a choice.  Soup is always a good standby and can be bulked up with offering bread.  This should enable you to reduce the portion sizes for the main course and make sure you have enough to go around.

Travelling on Christmas Day?  Be sure to check the Traffic Scotland website before you head off.  Check the webcams to see what the weather is like at your destination as well as any hold ups.

We hope all our readers have a very Merry Christmas.


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